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Great quality water shouldn’t be a hassle. And with the Water Factory Systems SQC RO System, it isn’t! This system brings you clear, refreshing water, filtered right from your tap! For any health-conscious kitchen, this system is a must, with its easy-to-use features, and effective purification and pressure improvements. For 25 years, Aqua Water Tech has worked to find Miami-Dade County and the rest of South Florida the best tools for improving their water quality. Learn how the SQC RO can improve your water!


Get long-lasting water quality from the SQC RO System. This 3-stage system uses reverse osmosis technology to cleanse your drinking water and improve your water pressure. Not only is it highly effective at its job, it’s super easy to use and maintain, saving you installation and service fees!

This SQC RO System is ideal for appliances that demand higher flows and pressures, such as refrigerators, chilled water dispensers, icemakers, and so on. This means you will want a system that supplies high daily output, which the SQC RO does, at around 8.7 gallons per day! The system is also impeccable at improving water quality, removing at least 98% of dissolved solids, undesired chemicals (like chlorine), and organic compounds. In short, this system supplies you with very clean water.

The SQC RO System is also made to be easy to install and maintain! The system comes with a slim-fitting 2-gallon RO tank, air gap faucet, tubing, and installation components alongside easy to follow directions to get you started. The filter canisters themselves are easy to change (which should be done at least once a year), requiring not much effort on your part. The slender design of the system also makes it easy to store, fitting beneath most kitchen sinks or in other cabinets.

If you’re looking for high quality water, the SQC RO System is a revolution for any household.

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We all deserve clear, refreshing water. Whether it’s the water we drink, the water we bathe in, or the water we clean with, Aqua Water Tech has worked to bring South Florida the best water possible for the past 25 years.

Through our years of experience and increasing expertise, we’ve come to know which brands and tools are the most effective at delivering clean water, favorable water pressure, and so much more. These are the brands and tools have become our go-to’s in our services and in our store.

That’s why we’re proud to carry Water Factory products, like the SQC RO System. This innovative technology paired with practical use features (such as easy to change filters and its slender design) make it a worthwhile addition to your kitchen, making your lifestyle a healthier one.

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