Commercial Water Filtration System

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Have you ever thought about how important clean water is to your business? While individual industries might have unique needs in regard to water treatment, each and every business, big and small, rely on purified water for their daily operations. This is why having a reliable source of clean water is integral and why Aqua Water Tech, Inc., which has over 25 years of industry experience, is committed to helping South Florida businesses with commercial water filtration systems. Affordable and environmentally conscious water filtration system options keep your water clean and help your bottom line by reducing operating expenses and energy consumption. Overall, it simply makes good “cents” to invest in your business’ water supply.

Our Residential Systems Are The Best Under Sink Water Filters Around

Our models of under sink water filter systems have several advantages that can benefit you. Our Aqua Pure FM DWS 1500 is one of those systems. It uses a highly advanced filtering process that can reduce bacteria, sediment, and other residual materials in tap water that can potentially contaminate you. Additionally, it produces fresh-water, which can lead to better-tasting coffee, tea, and anything else you make with tap water. Another high-quality product meant solely for residential purposes is the EVP2400 Premium Performance Water Filter Cartridge. This product does many things, but above all provides an affordable price with an ability to significantly reduce odor, lead, chlorine, sediment, and other particles in your water for a much cleaner drink.

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Our Commercial Water Filter Systems

While your home is important, so is your business! You want your employees and staff to have clean water so they can maintain their health while at work, and we want to provide that opportunity. When looking for a robust commercial system, we recommend you start with the LP 1000 RO system.


This system is durable, capable of handling up to 1000 gallons of water per day. It works well in limited spaces, requires very little maintenance, and is specified for low energy at 375 Watts and 115 Volts. Some of its standard features include a stainless steel drain valve, a ⅓ HP Motor, 115 V, and NSF Certified Membranes.

Summary of Advantages

The single biggest advantage of these systems is that they will remove contaminants and particles from your water that make it taste worse or visibly less clean. When you begin using these filters, the change is immediate. Your dishes will clean faster, avoiding any scummy buildup.

Your drinks will also taste better, along with any other dish for which you use tap water. Whether you need residential or commercial systems, you can purchase one of our systems that will accommodate your needs without breaking the bank.

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When it comes to obtaining a high-quality water filtration system and giving your home or establishment the purest water, you can trust Aqua Water Tech, Inc. We service Miami-Dade County and all of South Florida. Call or visit us today for more information.