Microline Model T.F.C.- 335

Microline Model T.F.C.- 335

Even though our lives have become increasingly complicated, only a few things are truly essential to human life. One of them is water. You may not think about it, but water is one of the few things you use and require every day. An easy way to achieve clean drinking is with an under the sink filter. Aqua Water Tech can help you install a system such as the Microline Water filter, which will bring clean drinking water straight from the tap.

If you’re in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, or any of the surrounding areas, we are ready to bring you the services you need to find the best under the sink filter for your daily needs.

Benefits of Filtered Water

The first benefit of filtered water is the improved taste that comes with drinking pure natural water that the human body craves. Purified water will also improve the flavor of other drinks such as coffee, tea, and lemonade. Additionally, purified water will eliminate those annoying hard water stains that always show up after washing glassware.

Everyone knows that filtered water has a superior taste, but there is also a laundry list of benefits that you may have never considered.

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How The Microline Water Filter Works

The Microline water filter uses a three-tiered reverse osmosis system. This efficient and natural process makes it one of the best under the sink water filter system you will find.

The first tier of the system is a prefilter. This prefilter is a critical step that removes large debris that might otherwise clog the filter system. Once the water is through the first tier, it flows through a membrane with microscopic pores. The beauty of this membrane is that the holes are so small that only the oxygen and hydrogen molecules that make up water are small enough to pass through.

Awaiting the water in the final tier is an activated carbon filter. Carbon is a natural purifier that will attract and trap any remaining impurities. After the water is fully filtered, it is stored in a 2-gallon holding tank until you are ready to use it.

What Sets This Filter Apart

There are a few critical pieces of technology that set the microfilter line apart from other filters. The first is a patented manifold plate that eliminates individual connections between each tier of the filtration process. This filter also has an automated feature that shuts the system off once the holding tank is full, preventing any wasted water.

Finally, the thin-film composite membrane used in the second tier of filtration ensures superior drinking water at a quit rate. This system even comes in multiple models to bring you the best under sink water filter for your needs.

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