3MFF100 Full Flow Drinking Water System

Are you worried about what is in your drinking water? Worry no more! Here at Aqua Water Tech, Inc., we provide a Flow Guard Custom Control system that fully cleans your water. This system eliminates harsh chemicals and minerals in your water and replaces them with salt. Eliminating these elements provides you with cleaner and safer water to drink and to use on your body.

Our system is very low maintenance and uses high-technology calculations to determine the amount of water you and your family use. This helps the system gauge how many chemicals to eliminate. It changes automatically depending on how much water you use or whenever necessary. Specifically, our system normally saves fifty percent of salt and conserves more water.

Our system is great for families concerned about dirty water, and we have gotten outstanding feedback from customers. This is the best home water filtration system in Broward County & Miami County, so don’t miss out!

Specific Features Of The Flow Guard Custom Control System

You are probably wondering what makes our system the best home water filtration system in the area. Well, there are many unique features that our system offers that customers cannot resist. It can clean tanks up to twenty-one inches big. The batteries in the system have two hours’ worth of backup.

You can ensure that our product exceeds or meets all health and safety requirements. It has a valve that is plastic and filled with glass. It’s very durable and calculates very efficiently. The tank fills up only with clean water, and you can program the system to fill up with water at a certain time. The system calculated the amount of water that you and your family use every day. It even knows when to regenerate and change according to your lifestyle.

There is so much that our filtration system can accomplish for you and your family, and without being high maintenance. We want to make sure that you are supplied with water that you know is clean and safe.

Different Types Of Systems

Even though our system accomplishes the same calculations and has the same features, there are many different styles. We understand that not everyone has the same concerns and living situations when it comes to water. That is why we provide these different types of filtration systems so you can pick the ones that work best for you: 

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You Deserve Clean Water

We understand the importance of drinking clean water. That is why we provide filtration systems that you and your family can count on. We offer high quality and high-technology filtration systems that you can count on for clean water.

There are many benefits of drinking clean water, but sometimes it can be a pain to filter out. With our system, you can receive the cleanest water without constantly having to maintain it.

We provide the best home water filtration system in the area. So what are you waiting for?

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When it comes to obtaining a high-quality water filtration system and giving your home or establishment the purest water, you can trust Aqua Water Tech, Inc. We service Miami-Dade County and all of South Florida. Call or visit us today for more information.